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DR RAJENDRA PRASAD The First President of Free India Dr Rajendra Prasad, son of Mahadev Sahai, was born in Zeradei, Bihar, on 3rd December, 1884. Being the youngest in a large joint family Rajen was greatly loved. He was strongly attached to his mother and elder brother Mahendra. In Zeradei’s diverse population, people lived together in considerable harmony. Rajendra Prasad’s earliest memories were of playing ‘kabaddi’ with his Hindu and Muslim friends alike. In keeping with the old customs of his village and family, Rajen was married when he was barely 12 years old to Rajvanshi Devi. Rajen was a brilliant student; standing first in the entrance examination to the University of Calcutta, he was awarded a  Rs.30/month as scholarship. He joined the famous Calcutta Presidency College in 1902. His scholarship, ironically, would pose the first test of his patriotism. Gopal Krishna Gokhale had started the Servants of India Society in 1905 and asked Rajen to join. So strong was his sense of duty toward his family and education that he, after much deliberation, refused Gokhale. But, the decision would not rest easy on him. Rajen recalled, “I was miserable” and for the first time in his life, his performance in academia declined and he barely cleared his law...
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