Jose John August 25, 2015 No Comments
HOW ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY CAN A STUDENT BE Man has come a long way up the ladder of civilization and has crafted all the comforts that he requires in life. He continues to reap the benefits of knowledge. But in doing so, he has unfortunately, degraded the environment. This has almost reached the level that each new luxury for man is a new discomfort for mother’s nature. Man continues his exploits depleting the resources provided to him by nature, thus leading to the most dreaded word pollution. ‘Health is Wealth’, but how can we be healthy when there is no pure air to breathe, no clean water to drink and no clean earth to tread on? We as students have a great responsibility to save the Mother Nature from this so-called devil pollution and make our environment pure and healthy. As we are the future citizens, we should try to control pollution in our city, country and in the world. Keeping our immediate surroundings clean can be just a beginning in the right direction. We should try to save water, electricity and petrol. Students can organize such programmes and plant more and more trees. We can become environment friendly by loving and caring not only the fellow human beings but...
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