lessons from history india


Jose John October 5, 2014 No Comments
LESSONS FROM HISTORY People have a very short memory. In the course of time they forget even those incidents that were most injurious to the society. That is why it is said that history repeats itself. A historian keeps a record of all the good and evil deeds of persons and groups in the society. We have to have lessons from it. History tells us how Britishers landed on the shores of India as businessmen and how they gradually became the rulers of the country. We should learn a lesson from it and should not allow the multinationals a free hand in the economy of the country. They may again have evil designs and dominate us politically too. If we do not learn this lesson our political fate is also doomed. We may become slaves of the foreigners again. India has to learn a great lesson from the prolonged history of partition in this country in 1946-47. Do we require a Jagmohan to remind us about the activities of the Muslim fundamentalist in Kashmir. It is just an extension of what happened during and before partition. The government as well as the people should learn a lesson from the history that tells us how the Muslims in1946 raised slogans...
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