Jose John December 16, 2015 No Comments
TRAVELLING AS PART OF EDUCATION From time immemorial, travelling has been considered as part of one’s education. The Englishmen in particular consider their school­ing incomplete without a tour of the continent. Travelling is one of the most delightful experiences of mankind. People have always enjoyed going from place to place. In India, unfortunately foreign travel has not been much encour­aged and in fact there was a time when crossing the seas was thought to be highly sacrilegious. Men like Mahatma Gandhi were actually ex-communicated for going beyond seas. It was this ostrich men­tality which brought about the worst type of intellectual stagnation in India. Travelling, both inside and outside the country is a powerful aid to education. It provides an experience of the world and calls into action and practical use of various qualities of mind and intellect developed by education. Knowledge, acquaintance with different ways of life, broad mindedness, conversational skill etc are some of the products of wide and extensive travelling. However highly educated a person may be, if he has not lived and moved among people with different habits, languages and so­cial customs and morality, His outlook remains narrow. He is less accommodating in his views and often fanatical in outlook. But those who have travelled...
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