Essay Writing on TSUNAMI

Jose John December 21, 2015 No Comments
THE PHYSICS OF TSUNAMI The disastrous Tsunami of December 2004 took most of us by surprise. Prior to that many of us were not even familiar with the name of Tsunami, and most of us did not even know how to pronounce it Tsunami is a Japanese word, in which ‘tsu’ means harbour and ‘nami’ means wave. The word is pronounced as soo-nah-mee or tsoo-nah-mee. After the 2004 calamity, the possibility of future tsunamis destroying our lives and the environment makes it necessary for us to understand how and why it occurs. Television images of last year’s tsunami are still fresh in our minds. We know tsunami means the sea comes and hits the coast line in a series of waves that are immense in size and force. The waves that rise are generated due to a rapid displacement of water in the sea or even in a lake by earthquakes, landslides, volcanic eruptions or even meteorite collisions. The most common cause is, however, the occurrence of undersea earthquake, or an undersea land slide caused by an earthquake. The vertical displacement of the sea floor alongside plate boundaries of the earth’s crust can also cause tsunamis. The movement of oceanic plates slipping below continental plates, which is known as...
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