Jose John March 6, 2015 No Comments
ELECTRICITY Electricity is the mysterious force and power, without which we cannot think of modern life. It is indispensable for modern man. Of all the inventions made by science, the invention of electricity has been most wonderful and useful. It has ushered in a long revolution in our lives. Its invention has removed darkness, lethargy and unemployment from our life to a great extent. It has really transferred the whole world into a compact and illuminated heaven. Its absence, even for a few minutes, will result into total chaos, darkness and disruption. Life and all its activities will then come to a standstill. Electricity is one of the most essential items of our daily life. It runs our factories, trains, trams and ships. It has proved an indispensable maid servant to house-wives. It cleans, sweeps, washes, cooks, and dusts like a cheap maid-servant always at our disposal. In winter it keeps us warm; in summer it runs our fans, coolers, air-conditioners, chillers etc. it has relieved mankind from much of drudgery and labour. Consequently, man has more spare time to be devoted to hobbies, pastimes and higher and more meaningful pursuits. It has helped us in overcoming the barriers of time and space. The world has turned today into...
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