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English Proverbs – Heights by great men reached and kept were not attained by sudden flight

Jose John August 2, 2012 No Comments
Proverb Expansion We often wonder how the great men of the past and present become famous. Some say they are lucky, others say they are blessed by God, and yet others say that they are geniuses. These opinions are only partly true. The important thing behind their greatness is their hard work. They set goals for themselves and worked hard to reach them. They had to suffer and toil for many years to reach such eminence. No man can reach the top of a mountain without a long, laborious and often dangerous climb. No man has become great and achieved fame and name without great toil, effort and sacrifice. When we see or hear about an achievement, we forget the long years of labour which made it possible. When the companions of these great men were sleeping, they were toiling day and night. Years of hard study is needed for a man to become scholar. The secret behind the success of a statesman is struggles, defeats, humiliations and hard work. No man has become suddenly great. Long years of patient effort and sacrifice generally go before it.