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A FOOTBALL MATCH Matches are an essential part of sports and games. Matches give rise to competitive spirit and sportsmanship. Moreover, sport matches are a kind of get-together where players, apart from playing and displaying their physical stamina, exchange ideas and information and have free and frank discussion among themselves. Recently, I got an opportunity to witness a football match that was played between Khalsa Higher Secondary School, Qudian, and DAV Higher Secondary School, Delhi. The match was played on the playgrounds of SN College. The entire ground was swept and then decorated. Both the teams were in high spirits. They were dressed smartly and neatly. Both seemed to be equally strong. The spectators were expecting a well-contested game. The ground and its surroundings were jam-packed by the public. The match started at 5 PM sharp. The DAV team won the toss and chose the favorable side. Soon, the referee blew the whistle and the match started. During the first few minutes, the DAV team dominated the game. They penetrated into the defences of their rival team but could not score any goal. Anyhow, their splendid performance puzzled the Khalsa Higher Secondary School team and the latter resorted to rough game, ie kicking ball at random. But the captain...
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Essay Writing on A FOOTBALL MATCH

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A FOOTBALL MATCH Games are generally played to develop good physique and to get mental recreation. So students and youth of the country should take pan in games like Hockey, Foot-ball, Kabbadi, Kho-Kho etc. These games help us to maintain our physique, ease mental stress and strain and provide entertainment for the players and the spectators. Foot-ball is a game of strong muscles and powerful lungs. It requires quick running, clever manipulation and team spirit. I enjoy both seeing and playing this game. It gives exercise to every limb of the body. It takes away fat and tones up the body. It is not a costly game like cricket or tennis. This is why I like football game. A foot-ball match was played at district level in our town sta­dium in last December. I liked and enjoyed it. The galleries of the stadium were all filled. I sat at a place where I could see the play closely. One player was my favourite hero. I knew him personally. The match was played between our district players and jute mill employees. The district players always played a good positive game. They won zonal matches many times. The players of the other side were of national standard that turned up into...
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A FOOTBALL MATCH Amit, my friend, is the captain of our football team. He is a student of class X and a fine player. One day we decided to play a football match with the team of St. John’s School Team. We took permission from our Head master. The date and time of the match was decided with the captain of St. John’s School. Our school playground was decided to the venue of the match. Games secretary of our school asked the fieldsman to prepare the ground including the marking and fixing the net. He also ordered for the arrangement of some items for the party after the game. Both the teams reached the field in time. The games teacher of St. John’s School was the referee. He asked the players to play a fair game. The match started at 4.00 p.m. In the toss our captain our Captain lost and the priviledge of starting the game was given to St. John’s School. In football there are eleven players on each side and the duration is of forty five minutes each half and a interval in between. The game started on a fast pace. Both the team started playing a fast game. All the players were eager to win...
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