Essay Writing Topics about A GENTLEMAN

Jose John February 23, 2016 No Comments
A GENTLEMAN ‘Vaishnavjan to tene kahiye je peer parai jane re’ was the famous song liked by Mahatma Gandhi. A gentleman is one who helps others who are in pain and anguish. Most of the people, in the world, are interested in their own affairs. Even an animal, even a bird looks after itself and its young ones. Even the most evil person would sacrifice his pleasures for his children. But in their dealings with others they are vice incarnate. Shall we call them gentleman? Being dear to one’s own children does not make a man gentleman. A gentleman is one who is happy in the happiness of others and weeps at the discomforts of others. Outward appearances do not go to make a man gentleman. A handsome person may be heartless. Keats considered a la belle dame sans (without) merci (mercy)’. Modem man wears a mask on his face and tries to show himself a gentleman. A politician, a businessman, an official may be very polite. He may behave very well. He may sympathize with you. It is his outward behavior. It is either to gain something from you or to make a fool of you. One hardly meets a person who does what he promises. Most of...
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