Jose John February 23, 2016 No Comments
A GREAT POET — SUBRAMANYA BHARATHI Bharathi i.e. goddess of learning was added to the name of Subbramanya when he was just eleven. Some noted poets who had gathered at the court of the rajah of Ettayapuram awarded the title to the boy who was destined to be the guiding star for millions of people of Tamil Nadu and other parts of the South to fight against the British rule. The writer and singer of the famous song sung by the children of Tamil Nadu even today ‘Odi Vilaiyadu pappa…’9 was born in a middle class family in Ettayapuram on December 11, 1882. His father Chiroiaswami Iyer who had a fancy for Visveswaraya wanted his son to be a great Mathematician. But the leanings of subbiah were towards literature and language. He was above the material outlook of life and never earned more than what could sustain him and his family. He would just not worship the beauty of nature but would many a time throw the last stock of grain to the enchanting birds – the grain that would have been served to him in the evening. He would satisfy his hunger for the beauty of nature at the cost of his fascination and his devotion to the...
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