A HOCKEY MATCH:Essay Writing

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A HOCKEY MATCH Last Sunday, I saw a very interesting hockey match. It was played between the Khalsa School and Guru Har Krishan Public School. Mr. Dhyan Chand and Balbir Singh acted as referees. It was played at Ram Lila Grounds. A large number of students and teachers had come to see the match. The referee gave long whistles and the captains of both the teams came forward. A coin was tossed in the air. The Khalsas won the toss and chose their favorable side.  Both the teams were in their proper uniforms. The Khalsa players had    blue shirts and white shorts while the players of Guru Har Krishan Public School had white shirts and white shorts. The match started at 3 PM. It was quite brisk from the very beginning. The Khalsas pressed hard but could not score a goal. They got two short corners but failed to score. Their centre forward rushed at an amazing speed. But he was checked by the full-backs of the competitors. The ball was passed and re-passed like a shuttlecock. Neither side could score a goal. So, the first half was eventless. After the half-time interval, the teams changed their sides. The game began again. The players of Guru Har Krishan Public...
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A HOCKEY MATCH: Essay Writing Topics

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A HOCKEY MATCH Hockey is being played in India for a long period. It is ‘people’s game’ because it costs only a ball, sticks and the field. Indian players won gold medals in several Olympics, now our standard is low. In hockey there are eleven players on each side and the duration is thirty five minutes each half. There are two umpires/ referees who care for the rules and regulation and guide the game. Our school team played a friendly match against Government School. Our captain, Kapil, had obtained permission from our Headmaster to play this match on our playground. Our games teacher selected the players to represent our school. They were also given some instruction by the games teacher. The Government School team arrived at our field at about 4.00 p.m. Players of both the teams put their respective uniform and warmed up. The referees entered the field with two linesmen. Then the captains of both the teams were called at the centre. The referee tossed a coin and the captain who won the toss was given the option of starting on the site of field. Upto this time all the players had entered the field. A team started the game. Players had already taken their positions. Players...
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Essay Topics on A HOCKEY MATCH

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A HOCKEY MATCH Last Saturday a very interesting hockey match was played between our school team and government boys senior secondary school. The match was played in the ground opposite the town hall. Mr. John acted as referee. The match started at 4 p.m. sharp. The referee blew a whistle and we won the toss. The captains of both the teams arranged the players. I acted as the goalkeeper of our team. Both the teams were equally strong. The rival team gave us a tough time. They did their best to score a goal, but could not. By the interval nobody could score a goal. During the interval we had light refreshments. After ten minutes, the match started again. We become more active and luck seemed to be with us. We scored a goal. The spectators cheered us. The rival team, too, scored a goal. Both the teams struggled to win the watch. For sometime nobody could score a goal. It seemed that the match would be a draw. We gave a last try and as luck would have it, we scored a final goal. The match was now in our hands. The rival team, too, tried hard to score another goal, but in vain. The referee blew his...
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