Jose John November 17, 2015 No Comments
A JOURNEY BY BUS A journey by bus is dull is dull and boring. once we occupy a seat, we will remain there till we reach our destination. We cannot move freely in the bus. We cannot exchange views with our fellow passengers. Instead, we prefer to keep our eyes shut. Heat in summer and cold in winter make the journey troublesome and unbearable. I seldom travel by bus. But this summer, I had to travel by bus to Delhi as I missed the train. I had little difficulty in buying a ticket. My luggage was loaded on the roof. I got a seat near a window towards the western side. It was morning. The weather was quite pleasant. Sunshine penetrated through the eastern windows. The passengers sitting near them felt hot. The bus ran at a regular speed. Sometimes it had to cross another bus from the opposite direction. The road was narrow. So it went the road raising a lot of dust. The dust covered our clothes and faces. The bus reached Ambula at 2 p.m. it halted there for about twenty minutes. I had my lunch from a stall at the bus station. I bought a magazine to read during the journey. The bus started at...
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