A MEMORABLE DAY IN MY LIFE: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John November 17, 2015 No Comments
A MEMORABLE DAY IN MY LIFE Several things happen in our daily life. Certain incidents are unforgettable whereas some are casual. One such incident which I always remember is the happening on wedesday, the 2nd December.it is the most memorable day in my life. I am late going from my school. My home is in a small village of about fifty houses. It is situated in a hill side valley. We, the hill people are strong and rugged. We face hardships and work hard to live. I am brave enough to face any cruel animal. I know how to defend myself with bare hands if necessary. I am habituated to walk along long distances on hill tracks. I know how to swim and climb. Our village is close to Kerala- Karnataka border. Our police is friendly and amiable with us. They are good natured. When I come across the police I feel delighted and exchange pleasantaries with then. It was a winter evening and the sun was setting. I thought would reach home by walking fast or even by running. Unfortunately, it soon becomes dark. Also the cold was eating the bones. I did not know what to do. I took courage and moved ahead. The cod air started...
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