Jose John November 13, 2015 No Comments
A MOON LIT NIGHT The moon is the queen of the sky. She arrives to grace her court of stars. Today she is her full glamour, wearing her beautiful pearl white dress with a few dark patches that she has borrowed from the deep blue sky. The queen throws her bright cool beams on the slumbering earth. She sheds her gloom and smiles at the benign face of the queen. Pleased with the gesture of the earth, the moon shines in her full glory, changing the green rice fields into sea of emerald, the waves rising and falling with the blowing winds. The moon fills the atmosphere with the fragrance of the dream flower. The trees wear beautiful dresses of light green bedecked with multi coloured flowers, all in tranquil peace. Huts and houses all glimmer under the white shower of beams. Lo! The day is about to dawn. The queen retires to her abode far away in the west.