Essay about A MORNING WALK

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A MORNING WALK Long and brisk walk in the open air either in the morning or in the evening is the best exercise for the middle and old aged people. However, youngsters and youth may take up running or a brisk walk. This keeps the body fit for the whole day. I always prefer running to walking but I enjoy walking along with my grandfather. I derive pleasure from his witty, humorous talk filled with wisdom. So, I often go along with him for morning walk. My grandfather prefers my company because of his extreme love to me. He likes me and so he tells me good and wise stories which help me in shaping my life. We walk daily a distance of 3 kilometers from our home. Everyday my grandfather gets up very early and wakes me up gently with a smiling face full of love and affection. I open my eyes and hug him with love. Then I go to the toilet, brush the teeth and get fully prepared for the walk. In summer, I wear easy and light dress and in winter, cozy and comfortable dress. By that time my grandfather comes with a cup of milk for me and a cup of tea for him....
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A MORNING WALK Sunrise is one of the most beautiful sights. This is the time when mountains-tops, trees, tempest and cottages are bathed in golden lights. A gentle breeze blows and brings peace to the human soul. Small dew drops on petals and leaves look like precious pearls. A walk at this time is very beneficial for a long and healthy life. It is extremely refreshing. It is beneficial not only for the body but also for the mid. The fresh morning breeze drives away all cares and worries. The trees look fresh and beautiful. The grass is beautiful and green. The air is laden with rich fragrance of flowers. Sparrows chirp and bee flit from flower to flower, gathering and sipping honey. Many people visit gardens and do exercise, some sit quietly under a tree, some jog and some regulars run to keep it. Farmers drive his oxen to field and shepherd boy takes the flock of sheep and goats out. Women carry loads of vegetables to the market, to sell. Milkmen carry their pails of milk on their heads and fishermen with their nets walk to the river. Such are the sights one encounters during a morning walk.