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 A NATIONAL FESTIVAL IN YOUR SCHOOL—INDEPENDENCE DAY Independence Day was celebrated in our school on 15th of August as usual. The lawn was cleaned and a raised platform was erected for the Chief Guest. A pole was erected by its side for the National Flag. There was an order the earlier day that all the students had to remain present at seven sharp. The staff members too had instructed the students in the classes to be punctual. Junior NCC cadets had to come a little earlier. As I came out of my house I did not find any rumblings in the streets as we generally find on our festivals Diwali or Dussehra, Idd or Christmas. Some people were, of course, going to their offices to attend the flag salutation ceremony. With an uneasy feeling I proceeded to my school. As the presence was essential almost all the boys reached the school before seven. The school has its own playground. Some students were playing the tune of a national song of the thirties written by Iqbal who had migrated to Pakistan after partition of the country. The Mayor was our chief guest. He arrived just at 7.30 and was received by the Principal at the gate. Just on his arrival...
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