Jose John April 2, 2016 No Comments
A PLEASANT DREAM I was sitting on a beautiful chariot. It was decorated with beautiful flowers of different hues and fragrance. My throne  was decked with jewels and pearls.  A sword was hanging by my waste and a bow and arrows were placed by my side. I was the Prince of Thiruvananthapuram, the state my forefathers ruled for a long time. I was going for hunting, when my chariot passed through the roads leading to the forest. People would bow before me. To me it didn’t look like a dream. It seemed a reality. Some countries followed me. Within a few hours the city remained far behind. We were in a dense forest. Still we did not find animals to be hunt. I was rather desperate when I saw a village. We reached the village. The villagers made obeisance to me. But they asked me not to go further.  They said that there was a ghost palace surrounded by banyan trees and grass as high as the palace itself. For the last hundred years one has dared go there In all looked like a mystery. I just wanted to solve it.  I just called my servants and asked them to cut the high rising grass and make a passage...
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Jose John November 20, 2015 No Comments
A PLEASANT DREAM Generally, dreams are of mystic nature. Scientifically no proper explanation can be given for the cause and origin of dreams. However, the psychologists think the unfulfilled desires transform into fanciful dreams; they originate from the mind itself. I always get sound and undisturbed sleep. That is why I do not usually dream. Some days back I had a very pleasant dream I remember it vividly even today. I was walking on a sea-shore. The sun was setting. He glowed like a red-fir ball. All of sudden the darkness enveloped everything and nothing was visible. I stood motionless on the shore. A brilliant beam of light fell on the ground by my side. A basket –like object came along with the beam and landed there. Two persons came out of it. They greeted me in a language which was unfamiliar to me. But, surprisingly, I found myself answering with them in their languages. I asked them where they came from. They replied they came from the planet Mars. When asked how they travelled, they showed me the basket-like object and explained that it travels on light energy. They asked me whether I would like to visit their planet. When I expressed my willingness, they told me to...
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Jose John August 12, 2015 No Comments
A PLEASANT DREAM  I had appeared in class X examination and was waiting for the results to be declared. Everybody in the house was expecting good results from me. But I was quite tense. I had done quite well in all the papers. However, the board results are unpredictable. One night, about a week before the results was to be declared, I went to bed quite late. I could not sleep and kept on thinking about my result. At last, when I slept, I saw a pleasant dream. I saw that the result was declared. I had topped in all subjects scoring an aggregate of 94%. In mathematics, I had got 100% marks. My teachers were praising me. My parents felt proud of me. Congratulating poured from friends and relations. My photograph had come out in newspaper. My mother prepared various kinds of sweets and distributed it among the relation and friends. My parents and I went to the temple to offer the prayer. Just then, my mother woke me up and I realized that it was only a dream. It was a really a very pleasant dream.