A POLICEMAN: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John December 27, 2015 No Comments
A POLICEMAN Almost in every big city, we can see a figure standing at road cross­ings. He is the custodian of public peace and safety. He bears on his shoulders the heavy responsibility of maintaining law and order. He is the main part of the administrative machinery of the government. He has fixed hours of duty and during these hours, he is strictly forbidden to leave his post. Besides maintaining peace and order, he has to control the traffic that passes through the point. He is authorized to stop a vehicle and let another pass. For this, he merely raises his hand and the vehicles stop. When he raises his hand parallel to his shoulders, it is a sign for the vehicles to pass. In this way, we can see that he has a busy life full of responsibilities. He has to keep a cool head and a sound judgment. He has to keep a sharp eye and a quick hand. Any hesitation or delay on his part may cause an accident. In order to discharge his duties, a policeman must be strong, active and mentally sound. He must feel that his duty is to help a law abiding person and to check a problem creator. He is a...
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