Jose John April 13, 2016 No Comments
A PROPHET IS NOT HONOURED IN HIS OWN COUNTRY Introduction: Prophet has many connotations as per the dictionary. Yet, they all say one meaning: prophet means, a clairvoyant. But how the prophet goes unrecognized in his own land? This word is mostly associated with Islamic religion. A prophet is a human (or God Almighty in human form) with a mission to teach the society the high moral values in the life. It can be referred to as a divine messenger. A master, who teaches all noble things, can be called a prophet. Explanation: On the face of it, it says that a prophet does not get even scant honour from his own country. This is almost true when we take inventory of those great men who were slain, or tortured, or humiliated in their own country. Prince Siddhartha, better known later as Gowtama Buddha, was born in India. He was humiliated in his own Indian soil. But as the proverb says, there are many Buddhist temples and lakhs of devotees in South Eastern Asian countries like, Japan, China, Thailand, and Sri Lanka and so on. Similarly, Jesus Christ and Christianity. Jesus, a messiah, was born to reform the society. But, again, as the proverb points out, he (Jesus) was...
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