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A ROLLING STONE GATHERS NO MOSS Introduction: This proverb underlines a great life lesson. So long as a stone lies at one place for over a period of time, it is likely to gather some sand and moss underneath. In other words, the sand and moss below would get stuck to the stone after some years. But when a stone – instead of remaining stationary – starts rolling down the slope of a mountain, there is absolutely no chance for the sand and moss to get stuck to it, is there? Explanation: Here the stone is referred to human beings at all levels and stages, including the school students entering into Plus I and 2. Such students, prior to that, must plan their future career and choose the group accordingly. For example, one who wishes to pursue engineering must go for the first group: Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics and work hard. If the same student gives up the first group and opt for the second one after some months, and again goes for the third group, it would hamper his/her studies and career, in the long run. Changing quite often just for the heck of it, is not advisable. Such students cannot shine in any branches. Walt Disney, the...
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