Jose John November 30, 2015 No Comments
A SCENE AT THE RAILWAY STATION I visited New Delhi railway station last Monday. I had to receive a friend. He was coming from Mumbai. It was morning time. Yet there was a big crowd there. There were a number of men and women in front of booking windows. I could buy platform tickets with great difficulty. Inside the passengers and coolies were running with luggage hither and thither to catch the train. Hawkers were shouting. Compartments of all the trains were fully packed with people. Some people were fighting for seats. A few children were crying. They were uneasy because of rush. Women were nervous as they could not feel easy in crowded compartments. My friend’s train ‘Rajdhani Express’ arrived at 8 A.M. As the train touched the platform, coolies rush to hold the luggage. They seemed to be greedy and were charging four times their due. Even the railway staff could not control them. But the stalls were full of goods. There were books, newspapers, medicines, water bottles, soft drinks, toys, food items, fruits, playing cards and pitchers. Lights were very powerful. Loud speakers announced the timing of the in-coming and out-outing train. Some television sets were also there to display programmes. People were happy with arrangements....
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Jose John August 12, 2015 No Comments
A SCENE AT THE RAILWAY STATION Yesterday evening, I went to the railway station to receive my cousin who was arriving by the shatabdi express from Lucknow. I bought ticket and I went to the platform. The train was due in twenty minutes. There was a great rush at the platform. Some passengers were waiting for the train. Some were walking up and down the platform. Some were taking tea at the tea-stall. Some were sitting on the benches, reading newspaper or magazines. Some were sitting on their luggage. Coolies are sitting in a line. The hawkers were shouting at the top of their voices to sell their things. It was very entertaining to see all this. Just then there was an announcement of the train’s arrival. Within minutes we saw the train approaching. The people rushed towards it. Many passengers got down from the train. The coolies rushed to help the passengers with their luggage. Many passengers got into the train. I saw my cousin waving from a window. I rushed towards her compartment and helped her in getting out of the train with her luggage. It was nice seeing her after a whole year. Just then, the guard whistled and showed the green signal. The train began...
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