A STREET FIGHT: Essay Topics

Jose John December 11, 2015 No Comments
A STREET FIGHT Street fights are common mostly in villages and some sub-urban areas. Lacks of education, culture, basic amenities etc are the main reasons for it. People, especially women quarrel for trifles which may even reach unimaginable proportions. Street fights usually start at public water taps, ration shops, bus stops etc. One day I was studying in my room when all of a sudden I heard hot words being exchanged between two persons in the street. I paid no attention to it thinking that it would be a minor quarrel but soon I heard voices of a large number of people. I peeped out of the window and understood that it was a street quarrel. I went downstairs and reached the spot in the twinkling of an eye. I was at my wits ends to see them clasped. The people were standing around them and enjoying their quarrel, but none tried to pacify them. I asked a person standing in the crowd about the cause of their quarrel but I could know nothing about it. One of the persons quar­relling was my neighbour. His forehead was bleeding because the other person had bruised him. I requested the people to pacify them but none liked to mediate in the...
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