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A THREAT TO ECOSYSTEM Have you heard of this most dreaded sea creature, lionfish? For the first time in the history of school essays, this essay brings to limelight the aquatic predator – most venomous! What is mean by Ecosystem? It is the study of plants, creatures and animals in a particular area on the earth and in waters. We have read and seen these species, including jelly fish in the few TV channels. But only in the recent days it was discovered that there exists another pretty but poisonous sea creature – the lion fish! Why is it called so? Like the ferocious lion in the jungle, are these fish the king of marine life? Not at all! Like lion that has thick mane around its neck, these lionfish have fanlike fins. Hence the marine biologists call them so. Though this fish was spotted a decade ago only at a particular spot in the Pacific and Indian Oceans, of late, it began colonizing in large numbers in the Atlantic Ocean also. Peter Benchley, the author of the most popular books and movies, “Jaws, Jaws I to 3,” said that fish, like sharks, are territorial. But this lionfish is an exemption to this unwritten marine life. It is reckoned...
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