Jose John March 15, 2016 No Comments
A THRIVING MARKET HAS IRONICALLY MADE ARTISTS VULNERABLE When several kinds of carefully built institutions and hard-won freedoms are under attack, it may be worth reflect­ing on what appears like a paradox. The two parts of this paradox are the careers of M F Husain and Chandramohan, both under attack from similar political forces. While Husain has been in self-imposed exile from India, he is far from ex­iled from the art world. If anything, there is no sign that his worth as an art icon has been diminished by attacks on him. Art student Chandramohan, on the other hand, is facing a far too cruel rite of passage into the art world, a rite from which he may take long to recover. This is not to minimize the grotesque situation in which Husain finds himself captive. But clearly, it is not only the relative visual illiteracy of the attackers that unites the artists in their predicament, or the long lineage of avantgardism to which their art practice is heir, but the extraordinary transfor­mations that have occurred within the Indian art world re­cently and their consequences for its autonomy. In the debate that has raged about the acts of violence in Vadodara against Chandramohan, and the unfair suspension of art...
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