Essay Writing on A TRAIN ROBBERY

Jose John October 13, 2015 No Comments
A TRAIN ROBBERY From my home I was going to my hostel by train. The train had to pass through a criminal area at night. Normally, guards are posted in each compartment. The train was moving at a fine speed. The compartment was full of passengers. Some businessmen were also traveling in our compartment. At 10.30 p.m. it steamed off from Gwalior to Morena station. The train had run only 15-20 minutes when four young and stout men got-up from their seats with pistols in their hands. They ordered the passengers not to move or make a noise. One of these asked the passengers not to resist and handover all their valuables to them. There was a hushed silence in the compartment. At the beginning passengers neither obeyed the order nor had any movement. The robbers again issued threatening orders. They fired two blank shots to over the passengers. Later, they started looting cash, ornaments, watches and other valuables on pistol point. At times, they fierce the passengers to open their suitcase for searching jewellery etc. within 15 minute they had collected a rich booty. Then they moved towards the end of the compartment. They repeated the same threat. In this part one police officer in plain dress and...
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