Jose John August 12, 2015 No Comments
 A VILLAGE WITHOUT A DOCTOR India is a land of villages. About 60 percent of India’s population lives in the villages. Most of these villages are small and are situated in remote areas. They lack facilities like electricity, water supply, sanitation, education, marketing etc. The villagers do not keep their surrounding clean. As such, they are prone various epidemics. Measles, ringworm, fevers etc are their life-long companions. To add to their woes, there are no qualified doctors in the villages. They do not have access to the towns. They fell easy victims to the evil-designed quacks. They are ignorant and do not get proper guidance and treatment. As a result, many who could be cured die due to lack of medical facilities. A qualified doctor does not find it profitable to practice in a village. Moreover, if some doctors go to the villages, the quacks do not let them establish themselves there. The government should provide at a least a small dispensary with one qualified doctor and a few nurses in every village.