Jose John December 17, 2015 No Comments
  A VISIT TO A HISTORICAL MONUMENT THE TAJ One has to a tune one’s mind while passing from spiritual faith to mortal love. Holy Haridwar and Rhishikesh, the abodes of Saints were left miles and miles behind. I was sailing on the clouds of fancy. My soul was pining to see the monument that has immortalized the love between Shahjahan and Mumtaz Begum. My impatience changed into curiosity when I came across the board ‘Taj View’. On the other side of the Jumna the ‘Dream in Marble’ appeared at a distance and was gone in a minute. An hour – and we would be face to face with this seventeenth century monument. Entering the huge red stone gate you reach a platform, and the whole panorama of Taj complex is before you. A few stairs down – the canal leads you to the glamorous building. It is flanked by Cyprus trees. There are fountains in the middle. But they do not sprout as those of the Vrindavan Gardens do. They are the serene symbols of a tomb. The Taj stands on a raised platform. The octagonal shining white building has a perfect symmetry. In the big hall Shahjahan enjoys eternal sleep with his wife Mumtaz. The two graves are...
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