Jose John May 11, 2016 No Comments
A VISIT TO A POLICE STATION My father had bought a new cycle for me on my 15th birthday. It was a shade better looking than all the cycles many friends had. I loved my cycle and wiped it clean every morning. One day I, as usual, went out to give my record work for spiral binding. I locked the cycle before I stepped inside the shop. But I forgot to take the key with me because I was in a hurry. I must present my work to my teacher the next day. This took about 40 minutes. But when I came back, I was shocked to see that my cycle was no longer there! The key was not in my pocket! Only then I recollected my blunder. I got panicky. I searched frantically, in vain. From a PCO, I called home and informed my father. “Hang on there. I will come. Together let us go to the police station and lodge a complaint,” he spoke matter-of-fact and asked me where I had kept the purchase bill. I told him. Minutes later, I saw his car approach. It pulled up beside me. He took me to the area police station. A cop at the entrance, with an age-old modeled...
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