Jose John August 3, 2015 No Comments
 A VISIT TO A SEA PORT Last year during my autumn break, I went to Mumbai to visit my uncle. My cousin received me at the airport. At Mumbai, I saw myself in quite a different world. There were milling crowds on all sides. The roads were full of impenetrable traffic. Whenever I cast my eyes, I saw a sea of human heads surging forward. I reached my uncle’s house. He received me affectionately. Next morning, my cousin took me to the port. Mumbai is a very big natural harbor. There were many ships at the port. They were being loaded and unloaded. We had a joyride in a streamer. The streamer took us to the Elephanta Caves. They are a marvel of sculpture. I was thrilled at their sight. It was a wonderful experience for me. We returned to the port by streamer. A cool breeze was blowing which enhanced my spirits and refreshed my mind. I had so far seen the ships and the port in pictures or paintings. Their sight had always thrilled me and now I was standing there at the sea port. I was filled with a mysterious thrill.