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A VISIT TO AN EXHIBITION It was during Diwali Vacation that we had a tour visiting historical and religious cities of the North. Reaching Delhi we came to know about the Industrial Exhibition at Pragati Maidan, the brightest show in the country. It was a long distance from our place. But bus took us directly to the Supreme Court from where we had literally to walk the one kilometer distance to the Exhibition. It was all a crowded route. Within a few minutes we were at the entrance. It was a huge gate. Once in the exhibition we were really in a magic land. There were huge buildings built by the USA and some other European countries long back when they participated in the first Industrial Exhibition after independence. These huge pavilions were mini exhibition themselves. Many of them were occupied by foreign firms and governments. There was a pavilion of every state. Latest industrial development was exhibited in these pavilions. They had instruments and plants. There were textile plants, machinery for manufacturing drugs, engineering goods, automobiles, heavy machinery. Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd. (BHEL) had demonstrated power generating units. One of them was Solar Power generating unit. Another part consisted of pavilions and stalls of Industrialists and Businessmen. The best was that of...
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A VISIT TO AN EXHIBITION Last winter an international fair was held at Pragati Maidan. It attracted big crowds. Almost all the states within the country and many foreign countries had set up their pavilions. Prominent among them were those of Japan, Russia, West Germany, Sweden, France, Great Britain and the U.S.A. All the pavilions were tastefully decorated. Different countries displayed different items. The goods displayed included heavy machines like earth moving, model of rockets intended to be sent to the mars and that of atomic reactor in the U.S.A. pavilion. That was one of the biggest pavilions in the fair. Next to the U.S.A. pavilion was the pavilion of the Great Britain which presented agricultural and industrial machinery. Japan put up a remarkable show of electronic goods including a giant robot and computers. Some of the devices were truly amazing. West Germany also displayed heavy machines in the field of printing press and mining. Sweden presented machines and implements used for deep sea fishing. India had also put up quite an attractive show. H.M.T. Factory, Bangalore, Bharat Heavy Electricals and steel plants displayed their products, showing the rapid industrial progress of the country under the public sector. In the private sector, many well-know companies like Panasonic, Tata, BPL,...
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A VISIT TO AN EXHIBITION The idea of holding an exhibition is not new to us. In olden days Meena Bazars were organized by kings and emperors to promote handicrafts in the country. In India exhibitions on a small scale were common feature of village fairs and religious festivals. The first exhibition on large scale was held in London in1851. Recently an industrial exhibition was held at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi. A large area was enclosed with high barbed-wire and big gates were put up. The entrance was tastefully decorated. Inside the enclosure many stalls were set up to accommodate exhibits of different kinds. The entry to the exhibition was regulated by tickets each costing five rupees. During the first week there was a great rush of visitors. In the beginning of the second week, with a friend, I went to see the exhibition. We bought tickets and then entered the enclosure. There was a great hustle and bustle. Men, women and children were loitering on. The exhibits were arranged in section in three big stalls. One section continued specimen’s f handicrafts and another contained pottery and crockery. The third section contained toys and fancy goods. The fourth section contained clothes of beautiful designs and patterns. Their delicacy of...
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