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A VISIT TO AN INDIAN VILLAGE India is an agricultural country and hence a majority of Indian population lives in villages. There are more than five lakhs villages in India. During my summer vacation this year, I got a chance of visiting my native village. I reached there in the evening. I found that the houses were mostly made of clay. There were only a few brick houses. Folk painting could see vast stretches of fields. My cousin’s house was a big one. We were served with glasses of fresh Lassi. At night, we had a wholesome dinner. I woke up early the next morning and went for a walk in the fields. I breathed the fresh morning air. There was no pollution. I saw the people leading a life of peace and contentment. There was social unity among them. They were free from ignoble strife of the city. Most of the villagers were illiterate and superstitious. There was a small dispensary and a primary school. When I came back from the walk, I found my aunt ready with a glass of fresh Lassi for me. I enjoyed it. Then I went to the fields with my cousins. I enjoyed the fresh ripe mangoes from a tree. I stayed...
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