Jose John March 16, 2016 No Comments
A WALK IN MOONLIT NIGHT The moon is the queen of night and a splendor among starry heavens. A walk in a moonlit night is really a refreshing and fascinating experience. Strolling in a moonlit night is pleasant and delightful in ways more than one. Walking in moonlit night does not only remove the weariness and boredom of the hectic day, but also it elevates our spirit, enlivens our soul and refreshes our mind. The atmosphere during a moonlit night is reigned by calmness and quietness if we walk through the countryside, which is away from humdrum, noise and clamour of cities. Moreover, the cool air and the cool beams of the moon, kissing each and every object of nature, present a charming sight. One really feels thrilled and relieved. One feels a sense of joy. There comes the freedom of mind, thoughts and ideas. A moonlit night delights our heart and soul. The tranquil surrounding in countryside or distant landscapes presents a lovely sight. The moon shines like a light house to guide us in the night. And in such a night, away from the din and dust of cities, when we are in the company of our dearest friends, cutting jokes and chatting with them it is...
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