Jose John February 8, 2016 No Comments
AADHAAR’S SHAKY FOUNDATION Not many doubted that a truce would be reached between the Union Home Ministry and the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), given the way the government had allowed Nandan Nilekani an almost free run. That UIDAI’s mandate has been expanded to cover almost 600 million residents isn’t surprising either. The home ministry, which had earlier raised a red flag over the quality of data collected by UIDAI, has now agreed to use the same data, albeit with some changes in the procedure. UIDAI and the National Population Register (NPR), which is also collecting biometrics for a smart card to be issued to all citizens, will now cover equal ground-16 states each-and duplication of work will be minimized to avoid wasteful expenditure. Till now UIDAI has sought to collect data through various registrars in different states. With the new arrangement, all the states have been told to stop enrolment till further notice, “This duplication of data was done by design, and it didn’t happen by default. Had the NPR been rolled out before UID, people would have been wary and thought of it as a surveillance exercise,” said civil rights activist Gopal Krishna. In fact, Home Minister P Chidambaram was part of the empowered group of...
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