Jose John May 5, 2016 No Comments
ABORTION – EFFECTS AND WHY IT IS WRONG When you think about political issues, many things come to mind. Almost, undoubtedly, abortion is one of those things. There is no argument sufficient enough to steer my mind away from anti-abortion. Most people think of the circum­stance of the woman, and what the pregnancy might cause and therefore jump to the conclusion that seems simplest: eliminate the baby; eliminate the problem. Unfortunately, it is rare for a woman to think about the physical consequences of the abortion itself. First and foremost, a fetus is a baby, a woman usually only even begins to consider that she might be pregnant 31 days after her missed period. Abortions do not usually take place before the baby is seven weeks old. At this point the fetus is a baby. The baby’s heart has already started beating, it’s arms and legs are noticeable as such, and it displays meas­urable brainwaves. This baby is alive, human, and develop­ing. Abortion is murder. Murder is defined as “the malicious or predetermined killing of one human being by another.” By the end of this essay, I’m sure you will agree that the proce­dures are both malicious, and predetermined. It is illegal to harm an animal, to treat a...
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