Essay Writing on ADULTERATION

Jose John February 1, 2016 No Comments
ADULTERATION “Adulteration thrives in India with a view of ‘Sab Kuchh Chalta Hai’. Such belief encourages and allures even the honest trader’s resort to make quick bucks. The unholy nexus between death merchants and corrupt officials, even the police has allowed this heinous crime”. What do we find pure or unadulterated now-a-days? Duplicate branded ghee, adulterated petrol, turmeric mixed with chromatic powder, chili powder mixed with red colour, dal with stone bits, dust tea garnished by saw dust, white powder in salt, even fruits, vegetables and cereals sold in the market, reportedly contain high level of toxic metals like lead, nickel, cadmium etc. A survey conducted recently, by a private agency revealed that all the cold drinks like Pepsi, Coca Cola etc., are found adulterated with unhygienic substances. The episodes of Coca Cola have been in international news several times. National Dairy Development Corporation also conducted a survey, which revealed that 90% of the edible oils available in the market contain highly toxic substances. “Adulteration is the term used to describe deliberate contamination of food items diluting their purity’. This is done in order to increase profitability or sometimes in order to meet the increased demand. Food items could be adulterated by using neutral or non-harmful additives, like mixing...
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