Jose John August 31, 2015 No Comments
ADVANTAGES OF A SMALL FAMILY Advantages of a small family are numerous. A small family is a happy family and it is gaining popularity. A small family is the need of hour. In earlier days, people used to have large families. Each family used to have a number of children. Having six or seven children was a common thing in those days. At that time there were not many problems. With the progress of age, a large family poses a great burden not only to the parents but also to the nation. These days people with few children are happier. Parents with one or two children are very happy and they lead a prosperous life. They can provide not only the best education but also the best amenities and opportunities of life to their children. They develop will power, self confidence and moral values in life. They are no more parasites on the society but become useful citizens of a country. Their life is normal and full of happiness. It is the need of hour that we should have small families and thus help the nation to control the population growth. This way many national problems like unemployment, housing problems, scarcity of power and water can be brought under...
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