Jose John February 29, 2016 No Comments
ADVENTURE IN AFGHANISTAN She doesn’t wear a burkha, but never steps out without a hijah. She has picked up a smattering of Dari, and travels around the beautiful war-ravaged Afhan countryside without bodyguard What’s more, Bhawna Agarwal loves the local mehman nawazi so much that she lives as a house guest with an Afghan family in Kabul. This when most foreigners in the city cannot imagine living outside a UN-approved safe guest­house with shatter-proof windows, high barbwired walls and a burly pathan to guard its gates. No wonder, Bhawna finds her life in the badlands of Afghanistan “exciting, challenging and adventurous with enough risk involved.” But Bhawna is not alone. Ever since the guns have died down in the picturesque Kabul valley, and the world is doing its bit to reconstruct the war-torn country piece-by-piece, thou­sands of foreigners have made the country their home. From UN agencies to NGOs, private donor agencies to MNCs. everyone now has a presence in this country once overrun by the Tulibans. Interestingly, many among these have attracted Indian women, who have given up their cushy life, to work in the strife-torn country. They are ordinary women, living extraordinary lives. They brave threats, face restrictions and sometimes, have close shaves too – – after...
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