Jose John August 31, 2015 No Comments
AIR POLLUTION IN BIG CITIES Our environment is under constant pollution threat. Preservation of environment is one of the most burning problems today. Delhi is the fourth polluted city in the world. Our atmosphere is being polluted by various factors like smoke, noise, dirt, and chemicals etc. We need a safer and healthier life to survive in the universe. Air pollution is greatly caused by the factories emitting smoke and vehicles. There would have been no life, had there been no earth. Nature has provided a balanced and correct system for our survival. For example, we inhale oxygen and exhale carbon. Plants absorb this carbon and plants give us fresh oxygen. We need to preserve our environment. We should not spoil it by   spreading pollutants. We can save our environment by properly disposing wastes, planting more and more trees and by using fuel, which is more eco-friendly. It will help us in stopping the spread of dangerous diseases and pollution of the atmosphere. It is the sacred duty of all of us to preserve our environment for our survival. We should adopt the motto – ‘Keep clean, live clean’.