Jose John August 12, 2015 No Comments
AN ACCIDENT I WITNESSED One day I was returning from the school. I was walking on the pavement along with some of my friends. We were discussing our examination paper. Suddenly, we heard a loud bang behind us. We turned back and found that two buses, coming from the opposite direction, had collided with one another. The front portion of one of the buses was completely damaged. Its driver died on the spot. The driver of the other bus was seriously injured. Many passengers were seriously injured. A large crowd gathered. Some people with cars rushed the injured to the hospital. I called the police and ambulance. A child of about 10 years also died on the spot. His mother was inconsolable. Another old person was bleeding profusely. Soon the ambulance arrived and took him to the hospital. It was really a very miserable sight. Among the crowd some miscreants were also there. I saw those snatching chains from the injured ladies’ neck. I could catch one of such miscreant and handed him to the police. Throughout the day, I could not eat or drink anything. The thought of the accident sends shiver into my spine even to this day.