Jose John December 17, 2015 No Comments
AN ADVENTURE IN MY LIFE Last summer we had occasion to go to Shimla. My uncle was posted there. He had a beautiful government accommodation. There were two houses on both the sides of the road. In .front there was a small kitchen garden and a winding path beyond it. On the back there was a hilly slope ending in a valley. There was a narrow path leading to the valley by the side of the next house. The back room had big glass panes. It was rather a wall of glass. I would sometimes sit alone there looking at the beauty of the valley, the clouds that would enter through the window, the trees that bloomed with fruits and flowers. But I was attracted the most towards the narrow paths winding through the hilly forest. I saw local people moving friskily on these paths and wished to be one of them. I used to go to the Ridge every evening to look at the Himalayan peaks. But the path was very long. My uncle, one day, told me that one of the foot paths in the valley was a short cut. But he advised me not to make an experiment. It was not safe to go alone. Contrary...
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