Jose John November 5, 2015 No Comments
AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A SILVER COIN A coin is not only a means of exchange but also carries series of stories and memories. When exchange process started, it was in the form of barter. Later, with the advent and use of coins it became money exchange. Now the scope of exchange is wide and consists of coins, paper money and credits as tools. The coin remembers that initially it was in the mines in the form of silver ore. Later, the ore as processed to extract silver as a metal. Silver was sent to the mint to produce silver coin. These coins were then put to use. The silver coin mentioned its autobiography that the new coin was picked up by little girl and preserved in her small velvety purse. After sometime she took it out and gave it to another. A beggar boy asked for alms to a mother and she gave it to the beggar. He was too glad to receive me and purchased some essential goods in the exchange of me. The beggar family had a good lunch after a long period. I was later deposited with the bank. I had to stay for some days at the bank. Later, from bank I went to a...
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