Essay Writing about AN INDIAN VILLAGE

English_Master March 16, 2016 No Comments
AN INDIAN VILLAGE India is predominantly a land of villages. A major portion of Indian population resides in villages because agriculture is the main occupation of Indian people. Today, there are more than six lakh villages in India. An Indian village reflects the real picture of India. An Indian village, as a matter of fact, is the very epitome of India’s progress after the attainment of independence. The government in free India paid much attention to the lifting of the standards of Indian villagers. An Indian village is still confronted with various problems that range from lack of education to improper sanitation. No doubt, during the last eight Five Year Plans, much has been done to uplift Indian villages. However, the majority of them are still afflicted by the evils like ignorance and illiteracy. An Indian villager is a rough diamond. He still sticks to the old superstitions, customs and conventions which have become obsolete and irrelevant in this modern era of science and technology. An Indian village, in the truest sense, is still made up of huts with thatched roof and kuccha mud. We are still having unmetalled roads, leading to and coming from the village. Its surroundings are green because of the crops and other vegetation. The...
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