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AN OVERVIEW OF THE OLYMPICS The Olympic Games are an international sports compe­tition. In the Olympics, athletes play in many types of games. Some athletes compete in the Summer Olympics. Some com­pete in the Summer Olympics. The Olympic Games are very old and have a very interesting history. The first Olympic Games were held in Greece in an­cient times. They probably began in the sixth century B.C. The contests are held every four years in the summer. The first games lasted for only one day. There was only one con­test. It was a short race. Only Greek men were allowed to run in the race. Women were not allowed to watch the games either, or to be anywhere nears the gaming area. Other events were added later, swimming. But the ancient games were stopped in the fourth century, A.D., when Greece was ruled by Rome. The Olympics were started again in the nineteenth cen­tury, after Baron Pierre de Coubertin, a Frenchman, who later being recognized as the Father of Modem Olympics, sug­gested that it would be good to have the game again, but not just for Greek People. De Coubertin organized a meeting in 1894. Representatives from nine countries went to the meet­ing in Paris. They agreed to start...
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