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THE HARRAPAN CULTURE Harrapa is one of the largest ancient cities that flourished from 2600 B.C. to 1900 B.C. belonging to a civilization that was at least twenty times the Egyptian civilization. It was located on the riverbanks of Indus on the North west of India and Pakistan extending nearly 400 acres in size. In fact, evidence of pottery shreds suggests that the Harrapan culture is even older than that of the Mesopotamian. The discovery of a writing system that dates back to another 700 years since the Mesopotamian times makes Harrapan Culture one of the oldest ever known cultures. The exact date of these scriptures has remained obscure because the symbols could not be deciphered. Even the antique name of Harrapa is not known!   Harrapa was a planned city with geometric roads and as can be understood by the excavation of burnt bricks proving existence of a kiln which produced large amounts of bricks for constructing buildings like granaries and Great bath and Pillared halls. Wheels were used for transportation and pottery was common, elephant tusks were made into jewellery and most intricate artifacts of stone and terracotta.   Houses were well designed with toilets and bathing houses had public pools with elaborate plumbing arrangements. Strangely there...
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