ANCIENT GREECE: Essay Writing Topics

Jose John February 29, 2016 No Comments
ANCIENT GREECE Geographical Location The Ancient Greek civilization was located on today’s Greek land, Ionian Islands, Asia Minor, South Italy, and Sic­ily. It is surrounded by mountains and in the north by water. The Ionian and the Aegean seas, together with natural islands and bays, gave the Greeks the opportunity to develop their maritime commerce and their rich culture. The mountains, which surrounded Greece, gave us the picture of its political character. From early times, the Greeks lived in independent set­tlements, and they were isolated from one another. Later, these settlements grew up into “poles” or city-states. The Mediterranean Sea moderates Greeks climate cool­ing air in summer and warmth in winter period. Summers are generally hot and dry, and winters are mild and rainy in coastal regions. In mountain, region winters are stronger. Greek’s History The Greek civilization has made great contributions in many areas to western society. Greeks scientists made revolutionary discoveries in medicine, mathematics, physics, and astronomy. They also developed the expression of individu­ality. Those are only some reasons why the Greek civilization was and still is one of the most important civilizations in the world. Time Periods Protogeometric Style (1100-900 BC) The protogeometric period is time of economic and cul­tural depression. The depths of this depression...
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