Jose John August 1, 2015 No Comments
THE ANIMAL I LIKE MOST  The dog is the animal I like most. My liking for the dog is based on certain solid grounds. The dog is the most faithful animal in the world. It is the best friend a person can have. There are thousands of instances when a dog sacrificed his life to save the life of the master. It is very easy and less expensive to keep a dog as a pet than any other animal. The dog has been gifted with a wonderful smelling and hearing power. It proves to be a useful guard and searcher. It has proved to the police department. It helps the police in finding criminals through its smelling power. Some dogs are even trained for warfare. The dog is very intelligent. It learns very fast. It is, therefore, very easy to train a dog. There are various varieties of dogs. Some of the dogs are very beautiful to look at. I love to keep a dog as a pet.