Jose John April 13, 2016 No Comments
APPEARANCES ARE OFTEN DECEPTIVE Introduction: This proverb unearths a hidden truth, ironically to the old one we were used to, that had earlier said, “Face is the index of the mind.” Previously people were taken by the look of a person. If one dressed neatly and appeared to be very nice and decent, especially – if that person is very handsome – people were influenced by his look and instantly fell for him like a hypnotized. It was only when that good looking person had cheated the believer he/she learned a bitter lesson. Explanation: Nevertheless, this proverb, ‘Appearances are often deceptive’ cannot be taken as one hundred percent true. It has a mixture of both good and bad. Good people, of course, look good. At the same time, bad ones also wear the guise of good person, knowing that their appealing appearances would have a sway over the onlookers. Hence, under this tricky situation one has to be cautious as to how far that person is trustworthy. By casual conversation, how that person reacts to different situations, what he/she laughs at that can betray his/her mental maturity, his kindness, his anger, his way of cracking jokes, how he behaves in public places, how he respects the fellow citizens as...
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