Jose John May 22, 2016 No Comments
ARE RELIGIOUS PEOPLE ¬†SOCIAL MISFITS? The materialist often views a religious person as being unsociable, dogmatic and lacking in intellectual insight. There is a certain perception that “religious” people don’t drink or smoke before every meal, frown at the free mixing of the sexes, are superstitious, impractical and way behind the times. Hence religious people are looked upon as social misfits. In schools and colleges, students who wear religious marks on their forehead or who recite prayers or shlokas are often subject to ridicule by fellow students. Sometimes they may even be physically attacked for their religious beliefs. Unfortunately, there have been several cases where people who proclaim intense loyalty to their religion have actually indulged in acts of violence and terror. This has further strengthened the social stigmatization of “religious” people. Whether the “religious” overtly profess their faith on the campus, or at the workplace, peer groups dub them as social misfits. In extreme cases, fundamentalists, through acts of terrorism, only alienate themselves further from society. A religious person has to take care to tread a path, which allows him to follow his beliefs in spite of living in an environment that is not exactly conducive to his endeavour. The worldly person, in contrast, is a social chameleon...
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