Jose John February 9, 2016 No Comments
ARRANGED MARRIAGE VERSUS LOVE MARRIAGE Traditionally in arranged marriages, the decision is made by the parents. In arranged marriage, the parents are usually very confident of their child agreeing to whomever they arrange their marriage with. The guy or girl is then left with little choice but to agree. Then there is the emotional pressure or even emotional blackmail. Parents beseech their children to agree to a proposal before they die or make use of other emotional pressures. In Indian culture, marriages are considered a union of two families, not merely two individuals. When it comes to love marriage, the two people tie the nuptial knot only after falling in love with each other and probably, after knowing each other for a long time. They get ample time to explore both the good and the bad things about each other, well before marriage. This helps them to develop a good comfort level after marriage, very effortlessly. On the other hand, if two people do not know much about each other, when their marriage is arranged by their parents, then they might take some more time to develop a level of comfort, understanding after marriage. Here, love marriage scores more than arranged marriage in this case. It is said that...
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