Jose John May 16, 2016 No Comments
ATTITUDES OF CHINESE|IMMIGRANTS IN THE U.S. Attitudes about personal interest and career choices are influenced by a person’s culture and age. “I want to be a pilot.” “I want to a lawyer.” Younger generations always decide their interest and what they want to do as their career based on their own benefit. Observing from the past in the U.S., very limited opportunity is offered to the Chinese immigrants. They might consider if they can do it, instead of if they want to do it or not. Regardless of what education level they pos­sessed most of the Chinese immigrant work as a waiter, wait­ress or some low paid jobs. However, the Chinese immigrants’ position in U.S. community is changing these years. Chinese immigrants are being appreciable in the U.S. community. As the changes, there were so many conflicts between younger and older generation who are Chinese immigrants after view­ing on career choices and personal interest. I am interested in this topic and I have interviewed two people of different gen­eration who both earned a bachelor degree in the U.S. Except generation differences, they have got similar background. I am going to learn more about how different generations view personal interest and career choices. Vincent Kwan, an accountant in California, is...
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